Guarding Your Baby From Colds

By Anna Martin

Your tiny tot is prone to falling ill-and just one single sneeze can make you fret about her health. It is best to work out a prevention strategy rather than letting the poor one suffer for a couple of days. Babies wont whisper their discomfort in your ears. You just have to learn their little signs of falling prey to the seasonal viral acts.

It's better to use natural remedies first to maintain good health before resorting to medicine. Keep your child high on fluid diet and breastfeed the newborn. Always dress your baby accordingly. Make sure you have warm caps to cover their heads and comfortable warm cloths to seal the body heat during the day. In case you have just caught a cold try to stay away from handling your little one.

Keep the rooms at a warm temperature during the fall/winter seasons, and keep the bedding at a comfortable position. Babies with nasal congestion will find it hard to sleep during the night, so make sure to rise the mattress under the head region to keep the air passage clear.

Apart from the head, temple, ears and nostrils you need to pay attention to the hands and feet region. Select full arm clothes and warm shoes made out of woolen alternatives to keep them warm and cozy. Pay attention to soft materials. You don't really want them to develop marks and skin allergies as these can worsen your efforts of protecting your child.

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