My Daughter Gives Three Chairs For The Bumbo!

By Claire James

The three bears is a story that is close to my heart and my daughter is now in love with it as well, which is fantastic. I have an old video from playschool that acts out the story and my little 3 month old giggles when it is on and this is great, but recently we were given a Bumbo Chair as a gift and now we love watching the video even more!

You are probably wondering what the Bumbo Chair is, but first let me tell you what it has done for our family and most of all for our little girl, because simply telling you about this new amazing chair for babies would not do it justice.

What amazes me is that noone has thought of this concept before, because what it does quite simply is solve a problem that has been annoying parents since the dawn of time. The Bumbo Chair allows your baby to sit unaided, and quite simply this is incredible. The most beneficial product in a long time and let me share why

For the first few months of your baby's life, the frustrations of not being able to sit unaided start to affect both the baby and the parent. The baby can get frustrated with trying to roll over or sit up when she is stuck lying on her back, and of course for the parent it gets incredibly frustrating because there is never a chance to get anything done anymore because in order to keep the baby happy you need to be caring her around with you everywhere you go.

Granted the baby is not always awake and so you can get things done while she sleeps but generally speaking, when the baby is awake and unable to sit on her own, you will need to be there with her, and this is nice for maybe 10 minutes, but things are not going to cook and clean themselves and time is valuable. With this new baby Chair - now you can have that time back!

The baby is now free to sit unsupported and this means that you are now free to get on with the things that need doing (and as a parent, there are ALWAYS things that need doing!) because instead of your baby lying there and getting frustrated, or you holding her as you attempt to clean the house, now the baby sits in a chair that not only supports her and prevents her from falling over, but also promotes proper spine growth and amazingly helps your baby develop the muscles necessary to crawl and walk!

It is made from a non toxic rubber material that is soft to the touch, has an incredibly comfortable and soft surface that is really easy to clean which makes it an ideal high chair as well. The Chair itself weighs practically nothing and as such it is great to move around the house and garden with you so that your baby can stay with you and watch you as you get the things done that need doing

Basically the Bumbo Chair has allowed me to spend more quality time with my baby, while at the same time providing me with valuable time to get all the chores done around the house (and as a parent we know there are ALWAYS chores that need doing!) NOt only this, the Bumbo Chair promotes excellent muscle growth so I know that not only am I getting to engage with my child more, I am also helping them to learn to walk sooner. This truly is the most incredible gift I have ever been given

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