Keeping Your Baby Warm This Winter

By Audrey Hegarty

Now that we are into November \ December, we can expect to see some grisly weather coming our way. There are stories being thrown about that this winter is set to be one of the coldest in history with night time temperatures to allegedly hit lows of -16. Not a typo I actually did say -16!! Who knows maybe Mr. Crosby's dreams will come true and we will have a white Christmas. This is all very well, but what about those little babies who have just left the warmth and security of their mother's womb, only to arrive in the cold winter world of torrid rain and biting winds and if we are to believe the gossip never before experienced cold snaps!

We've been doing some research on how to keep baby warm and cosy through these times - without over heating the little treasures and without over protecting them. New babies may look extremely vulnerable and while they are, they are also quite hardy and resilient in some ways. It's a survival thing!

It's widely believed that its not cold weather that gives baby a cold, rather contact with people who have virus or infection. That doesn't mean that you have to hibernate until spring, rather avoid tightly crowded places for the first 3 months or so until baby has had a chance to strengthen his or her immune system.

Try to avoid highly crowded areas when a baby is just born. Wait for their immune system to develop first. If you see someone with a runny nose then keep your baby well clear of them.

To keep your baby suitably warm in the winter you will have to give consideration to what baby clothes they will wear. In terms of baby shoes we highly recommend that you invest in a pair of soft soled leather baby shoes. These will help to keep your babies feet dry and also stop their baby socks from falling off.

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