Top Christmas Toys For Under 10s

By Candy Seasons

Christmas is around the corner and parents are searching for the best sellers and hottest fads in toys category for young ones at home. It's getting tougher every year to choose from the 1000's of choices available and so parents sometimes depend on the top sellers list to narrow down on what to buy for kids and children under 10 years.

So, you have new baby at home to shop for this Christmas. Babies love bright, colorful toys that make sounds when they tap or pat it. Playmats and gyms are ideal for 3-6 month-olds that haven't yet learned to turn over or crawl.

For kids under a year, toys like the Skip Hop Funky Farmyard playmat is a good choice. With soft arches and matching Tummy Time pillows that are quilted, you'll be making a nice gift. The 12 loops and toys hanging from them are good for multi-sensory play for a baby, at all stages of development. You'll find that babies use it in different ways. The toy is washable with cold water.

Pretend play is a vital and favorite activity for pre-school children. Look for gifts that encourage role play and that can be played with other children. The Play-Doh Fun with Food - Burger Builder gets children creating their own burgers, with pretend onions, lettuce ,pickles etc. They can make pretend fries and set up their own burger bar. A great way to get young children to interact and develop speech and language skills.

Once Children start school, they are capable of a little more concentration and Popular Christmas Toys and games need to be a little more challenging. They are also by now very up to date with computer technology. Printies Pet Design Studio lets children create their own stuffable pet by designing it at home online. Design the pet they want using the art tools. Any shape or design. They are then printed on to Printies Fabric sheets using just your printer ink. And finished off by joining together.

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