Vitamin D And Maternity

By Julie Xillion

More and more research is pointing to the benefits of Vitamin D during pregnancy, but this great pregnancy nutrient has so many additional functions in the body. Vitamin D's role is fundamentally calcium maintenance; in this role it maintains the healthy calcium levels in your bones. When pregnant, vitamin D may work in a similar fashion. However, this individual vitamin also touches hundreds of discrete genes and to affect a lot of areas of wellbeing.

The research surrounding vitamin D is expanding on a daily basis, and recently the American Academy of Dermatology has updated their recommendations to caution the public not to not getting sufficient vitamin D. Vitamin D insufficiency is where you do not have the optimal amount of vitamin D circulating in your body, but are not identifiably deficient in the nutrient. In reference to their new guidelines, the American Academy of Dermatology's new guidance is as follows:

"The vitamin D position statement supports the Academy's long-held conviction on safe ways to get this important vitamin - through a healthy diet which incorporates foods naturally rich in vitamin D, vitamin D-fortified foods and beverages, and vitamin D supplements," said David Pariser, president of the American Academy of Dermatology.

"The updated recommendation for individuals who practice daily sun protection acknowledges that while protecting the skin from the damaging rays of the sun is important, so is maintaining adequate vitamin D levels. Concern about vitamin D should not lead people to forego sun protection, but rather prompt a conversation with their physician about how to ensure adequate and safe vitamin D intake while guarding against skin cancer."

Does this alter the guidance on vitamin D and pregnancy? Not specifically. You should still get acceptable sun exposure to manufacture the vitamin and acquire the rest through a healthy and balanced diet. Supplementation may help as well.

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