Which Baby Monitor Should You Buy?

By Anna Lucas

Parents looking to find a baby monitor may be in for a surprise when they find out that it's not as easy as it used to be to choose. If you were to look back to even just 10 years ago, you would probably find only a few choices for baby monitors which only offered a few features, but these days baby monitors can practically do just about anything (except changing your baby's diaper of course)! Maybe you are looking to have all of the latest high-tech gadgets, or you might simply want the most simple baby monitor out there; you really only need to use these tips to help you choose.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed, and no doubt it's stressful. You're right to want to stay alert about your baby when you're in other rooms, yet you may be having trouble knowing which system is best to use. You don't know what's a fair price. You could easily spend hours inside a store looking at all the different models and systems. It's easy for you to start feeling a bit frustrated and a little overwhelmed - but do not worry about it! In this article, you'll explore how to know when you've found the system that's just right for you.

What size monitor are you looking for? Some parents want something small and non obtrusive. If you have a larger home or more space available, then you may not mind having a larger machine. You should also take into account how you will personally be using the monitor, because if it's portable, you should remember that you will have to carry it around with you when you move from room to room, but also you risk leaving it behind in a room or forgetting about it if you often leave things behind. That is why it's important to assess these kinds of things, because you need to find a device which will work with your type of lifestyle and habits. In the end, lightweight options are best if you are planning on moving around a lot, however heavier and larger systems are good if you are only going to be using the monitor in one room.

You probably have friends and family members who have been parents; what brands do they use and trust? Which types of monitors have they had to throw out for being junk? Asking around and getting reviews can help you figure out which monitors are worth the money and which aren't. There is a possible bonus to this type of inquiry: you may receive a monitor as a gift from someone who is finished with theirs. In this case, you'd be saving yourself both time and money. Remember that when you ask about monitors, you want to know specifics. You don't want general answers that don't really tell you anything.

Another key factor which you need to consider is how much you actually want to be able to keep track of, when you are not in the room. There are baby monitors that keep track of sounds, and there are systems that alert you when there is movement in the room. You may even want more protection by getting a system which can record both audio and video surveillance, so that you can see what is happening as well in case your home is often too noisy. Of course, it all depends on how much you actually want to be able to monitor when you are not in the room, so ask yourself "how much do I want to be able to see and hear". Also, you shouldn't feel as though you are a bad parent if you choose not to opt for the full on video surveillance system, as there are many parents who feel that other more cost effective monitoring systems work just as efficiently.

Do you live in a noisy environment? If you have other children, share your home with others, or work from home, you may want to consider that these sounds can easily drown out the noises of your baby, which is why you may want to opt for a visual indicator which will alert you when there is something directly related to your baby

Do your research. A good source of information about quality products is Consumer Reports, which rates everything. In such a publication or website you can compare different brands of monitors feature by feature and then make the best choice. With these type of reviews you can find out what brands truly represent the best value and which are overpriced or poor quality. If you really want to learn which products have the best performance record and give you the most value, these are types of reviews you should study. When you read these type of reports, you are getting unbiased information and not mere ads disguised as reviews. Many positive reviews you read online are on the company's site; these may only be giving you one side of the story.

Another good source for independent reviews are large online sellers such as These reviews are great because they are made by real users who only want to share their experiences, not make a quick buck. Many products have lots of reviews both pro and con. Almost every item has both people who recommend it and those who don't. Don't focus on one sentence reviews, but look for helpful ones that provide real facts about the product. That will help you figure out if a monitor is good enough for you or if you should choose something else. There are obviously many choices for baby monitors; however all you need to do is narrow down your choices when you actually want to choose one, so that it does everything you need it to do in the end. Your final decision should include things like the shape/size, cost, functions, and other features. If you start shopping without thinking of what you really want or need, you could end up wasting a lot of your valuable time, just take your time and research before you start shopping

There are so many things to consider when you purchase your baby monitor. Find out if you want your system to be extensive, assess how much you are willing to spend, and consider whether or not the system will get in the way of your other daily activities as well. Don't be afraid to take the time to do your research in the end, because you will easily be able to make your decision once you do.

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