Be Resourceful This Christmas

By Maxime Ambers

Are you the type of person where you have a long Christmas list but short on cash? Even if you have a blu cigs coupon code or any discount coupon on hand, it seems it's not enough to budget your friends' gifts? Even if they taunt you of all the negative things they can think of in being a person that lacks creativity in giving gifts, it seems you can't help it due to your current situation. However, if you think outside the box, you might be able to find something to give to your friends that can make happy without spending a single cent. How? By cunningly do things for them of things that they typically don't know or have no time to spare to.

1. Babysit. Christmas Eve is coming up and the time of dates is very much prominent. Who better person to babysit your friend's kids but you? If you have the tolerance for screaming kids then consider giving babysitting coupons for your friends to redeem. Check your itinerary first before your friends can send of the kids to you. Make sure that you are available. This will give you more time to prepare the environment.

2. Host a book club. Are you an avid reader? Have your friends come over and spend book club with you. With this, you can spend time with your friends and at the same time share things about your reading interests. Offer to hose one every month as a way for you to help your friends minimize the hassle a host undergoes during this kind of meeting. In a way, take the slack and do your best as a host for the gathering.

3. Cook. Who doesn't like home-cook meals, right? So as a Christmas present for your friends, offer to cook for them. Ask your friend if they want their dinner be cooked by you and write a list of grocery shopping. Of course, they have to pay for it is their meal after all. After which, all you need to do is prepare and serve the meal happily. You can also clean up after them as an added bonus. But don't get gloomy about this fact for you might get a free meal out of it.

4. Be an exercise-buddy. If you can't afford getting coupons from the gym, like the blu cigs coupon code, offer yourself to be a workout partner to your friend. To make your gym experience fun and exciting, go with your friends when they work out. One reason behind this concept is that people tend to be more inclined on exercising when they have a friend to motivate them every step of the way. With this, you can have all the fun you want and exercise at the same time.

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