Choosing A Changing Table For Your New Baby

By Tiffany Windhurst

Changing tables for your baby's nursery may not be the first thing on your list to purchase, but after the crib it will be the most used furniture in the room. Not only do babies require many diaper changes a day, they often require several changes of clothes as well. Of course you can use the crib or a couch or sit on the floor but everything you need may not be within easy reach. Getting up and down can be difficult, and there is the risk of soiling what the baby is lying on. The easiest answer to these problems is to purchase a baby changing table.

Types of changing tables range from the very simple four legged plastic table to chest of drawers with many accessories. Prices increase as changing tables have more functionality and accessories. All changing tables come with a pad with a removable cover for washing and with straps to secure the baby while on the table. More expensive tables usually have drawers and/or special compartments for diaper changing needs.

Changing tables are available in all sorts of styles and colors. Styles vary from traditional to modern. Tables with drawers and storage bins usually remain functional for your child as they grow. Simple changing tables rarely have much use other than for changing diapers and clothes on a baby.

Being able to stand comfortably while wrestling a newborn into clothes or a clean diaper is a blessing after you've done it several times a day. In addition, not having to worry about baby falling off where you've put them makes changing less stressful. While changing tables are an additional piece of furniture in the room, they are an efficient use of the space. Storage is a premium in baby rooms and purchasing changing tables with storage solves that problem.

What kind of baby changing table you choose is strictly personal. Factors used in the decision include style, color, functionality and safety. While more expensive, the tables that provide the most storage can be very useful and make your life easier.

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