Cloth Diapers - Getting Stains Out

By Tiffany Windhurst

Using cloth diapers is a noble task; keeping them sparkling clean an often difficult one. But to cloth diapering moms, have bright white diapers of putting on baby is often a source of pride. The time spent on dunking, scrubbing, sunning, and soaking alone will send a disposable diaper using mom running. And why do moms do this, so their precious little baby can dirty them up again. But every now and then, a stain appears that just won't come out. You try, try and try but it seems to be there to stay.

What to do?

Simply taking a wet diaper, a little lemon juice, and the sun will do wonders for whitening your diapers. Or you can use lemon juice mixed with borax, making a thick paste for rubbing on stains and leaving it to sit for a few hours. Then wash and the stains will be gone. Using detergent intended for cloth diapers and water will also make a paste for removing stains.

Oxygen bleaches, not chlorine ones, are great for removing stains and sanitizing diapers. Just a solid form of hydrogen peroxide, oxygen bleach is relatively safe for baby and often found in detergents for cloth diapers. Soak diapers in the wash with oxygen bleach for a few hours, wash, and presto - no stains.

Another option is using soap specifically designed for laundry that will work wonders on stubborn stains - like Fels-Naptha soap. This soap should only be used occasionally and not to wash cloth diapers every day. Simply rub the bar of soap into the stain, wash in hot water, and rinse several times to make sure the soap is gone. With it will go the stains. No matter what, even if you can't get the stains out, your baby is just going to soil them again, so stressing over a stain is not worth the effort.

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