Easy-to-Do Reminders in Using Christmas lights

By Rowena Fernandez

Christmas is not just an ordinary event; it's the time for sharing, and children's wonderful vacation of the year. Obviously, you don't want to have any trouble during Christmas, so make sure your decorations won't give one. There are guidelines to be followed in order to protect your family from any harm. First thing to be remembered, always make sure all your Christmas lights are not turned on when nobody is not at home, as leaving your light display may cause unintentional fire and may burn your property to ashes. Also, be ready at all times for accidents occur suddenly, make sure you have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers on standby.

Second, make sure you have in your home a fire extinguisher and of course smoke detectors. Ensure that all knows the fastest way to escape. Then the next thing to do is to replace light bulbs that are burnt out as early as possible because the appropriate flow of the electricity can be interfered by a dead bulb in the strand.

It is important to make sure that light bulbs need to be replace once dead, and be sure that empty sockets are cover so kids won't able to touch them. Make sure to choose the exact wattage and size for the bulbs you're going to buy for replacement, to avoid accidents.

If you want to decorate the front yard of your house with Christmas trees that have light decorations, apply the similar system that you had apply to trees that are indoor: Do not place electric lights on trees that are metal. Stay away the bulbs from dried trees out because it will turn into a fire hazard by putting them in water, but do not let any electrics to get close to water. Secure trees and other thing that you put on your house and switch the lights on in order that no running children or storm that could thump them down.

Using one lengthy extension cord is better than using few tiny ones. Cords should be always not near from metal, wet place or even hot place like fireplaces and heaters. In addition to that, place them away from location where people walk. Instead, place them against the wall. Never compel a three-split plug into an outlet who has two-hole.

An extension cord shouldn't be displayed outdoor, if it is plugged-in indoors, for lightings may struck and you don't your to be roasted in a blink of an eye. Also, any electric wiring should be fixed in an area where no one, even the kids that would notice it on the floor. Try to mount it on the corners or on the ceiling just to make sure that everyone would be safe from the harm of electric shock. In regards to extension cords required for outdoor usage, why not try to make an outdoor outlet. Making an outdoor might be a little hassle for you so it's better to hire an electrician to install and mount it.

Always remind your children not to touch a turned on lights display. Show them the right thing to do, before touching the bulbs. Make sure it is switched off and pull off the plug. Then, never let your children get near to places with those light bulbs lighten up.

Keep the displayed lights far from moist area. Locate plugs, outlets and cords or even other equipment in protected places which stays dry when there is storm.

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