Toys for Toddlers: For the curious little minds

By Bryant Theodore

Exploring is one of the favorite things a toddler likes to do at his age. We, as parents, has a responsibility to assist them in doing what they like to help in developing their senses, brain and muscles. Once this is achieved, you will have a mature son or daughter that is independent and confident about him or herself. To acquire this goal, we need to give them an environment where he can learn so many things, this is possible with our toddler toys. Give him things like storybooks, toys with shapes, toys with alphabets and numbers, musical toys and a whole lot more.

Our toddler toys are designed so that your kid won't have a hard time trying to grab them and perform different actions while learning. A cool feature about our storybooks is the materials used, they are of hard cardboard which makes them invulnerable in the hands of a curious toddler. And the drawings are attractive in a way that they have bright colors, plus the letters are printed huge for a better view of the letters of the alphabet. They also come in different textures so when your kids flip the pages they will be interested not just with the story but also about the book itself.

If you want your child to learn about shapes, you should get our Shape Sorting Cube. This toy has more than 10 different shaped pieces which he will use to put inside a wooden cube. It's a convenient toy to have because the cube will also be its container once he's done playing therefore there will never be any mess after playtime.

Kids of this age is just bursting with different kinds of imagination. The perfect time to let them wear our colorful costumes derived from famous characters we see on TV and comic books. This is a perfect way to help him develop his acting skills as when he puts on his costume, he will start to imitate his favorite hero, thus improving his brain and muscle functions. Some of these popular characters are Superman, Batman, Scooby Doo, master Yoda, Robin of Teen Titans, Supergirl, Spiderman and many more.

Language should be one of your toddler's top priority, they should be able to talk properly at this age. We have toddler toys that can help better develop this skill and they are in many forms. One of these toys are the storybook we previously mentioned, but then we also have toys like LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo which is battery operated, whichever letter the spinner stops to, it will play an audio telling your child about the letter, like how it is properly pronounced and a sample word that starts with that letter.

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