Alternative Food For A Baby

By Gills Tiens

Breast milk is certainly the only food your baby will need till 4 months of age, though the majority of babies do well on breast milk alone for 6 months or more. There is really no benefits of including other food or milks before four to six months, except under unusual conditions.

Water Breast milk is over 90% h2o. Even during the hottest days of summer, a child won't need any extra h2o. If a child is not feeding well, they still do not require any extra h2o - though they'll need the breastfeeding problems to be fixed.

Vitamin D Though breast milk doesn't contain much vitamin D, it does have a little. The baby would store up vitamin D throughout pregnancy, and stay healthy without any vitamin D supplements, except if you yourself experienced a problem with vitamin D deficiency while pregnant.

Being exposed to the outside will certainly provide your baby vitamin D, even in winter and when the sky is covered. An hr or more exposure throughout the week would provide your baby more than enough vitamin D.

Iron Breast milk contains less iron than formulas do, specifically those that are iron enriched. Iron will give the child additional protection against infection, as many bacteria need iron in order to grow.

The iron found in breast milk is utilized well by the baby, while not being accessible to bacteria. The introduction of iron should never be overdue above the age of six months.

Breast milk is the best that your could give your baby, as it again provides everything he will need for likely the first six months. After the 1st six months, you can introduce solid food to your child if he or she is having an interest to them.

The best alternative one can fine for breast milk.

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