How To Pick The Right Halloween Costumes

By Adrianna Noton

There are many many kinds of Halloween costumes available in Canada. How do you pick when there are so many variations in styles, sizes, fabrics, and prices? Here's a few things to bear in mind that should help you pick.

The weather is important for more than just planning an event, it also should be a factor in your outfit choice. Things like thin fabrics, and stuffy plastics can make a design very uncomfortable when it gets cold and we all know how cold things get here in Canada! Rain is a special threat all it's own as it can ruin dye jobs, cause thin fabrics to be see-through, and even cause props to fall apart. Luckily, all of this can be prevented.

In order to prevent problems with the weather, you should always go for the best quality outfit that you can afford. Cheap designers keep things cheap by cutting corners on things like fabric quality, seams, dyes, and materials. These budget designs may have attractive prices, but they won't be nearly as comfortable nor will they look as nice as a higher quality costume would.

Better quality also means that your outfit will last for years, be able to handle things that would have snagged up or otherwise ruined a less expensive version, and will be more protected from the elements. Even if they are a little more expensive at the start, being able to reuse the same outfit in different years will save more money in the long run.

One other thing not many people think about is whether to choose face paint or a mask. Both of them are good options, however, some are better for certain situations than others are.

Masks are a great option for those who need to be able to change quickly and easily. They are low-maintenance and come in a wide variety of wonderful designs and prices. This easy on-easy off is great for children or those who just don't have the patience to deal with face paint. However, masks do have drawbacks of their own such as the fact that they will limit your visibility some.

Face paint is a great option for those worried about a mask restriction their vision. Not only does face paint offer near perfect visibility, it can often look far more realistic than a mask ever could. In fact, there are many theatrical grade makeup kits out right now to give everyone movie style special effects without being makeup masters. However, makeup does take time to put on and will take time to remove. It is easily messed up as well as things such as sweat or scratching an itch can cause makeup to smear or be damaged.

By keeping in mind where you are going, who is wearing the costume, and what you will be doing, you can choose the best Halloween Costumes for your big day. Just go for the best quality you can afford and go out there for a fun holiday!

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