The Baby Book - A Special Keepsake That Should Not Be Overlooked

By Tiffany Windhurst

For most families the birth of a baby is one of the most joyous and cherished times of their lives (other births being the other ones). While on that first day, mom and dad think there is no way they are ever going to forget anything that happens in this baby's life, how she or he looks at this very moment, or mom and dad's feelings. Well, as soon as the reality of our hectic lives hit us in the face, we soon start forgetting. There are several ways to record these moments, including the baby book.

Baby books are intended for keeping records of all baby's firsts, baby's height and weight at various times, baby's shots and other memorable events like birthdays. Not only will you have a written record to look back on if necessary, but when baby becomes an adult, he or she will have all the information readily available. Events can be recorded with pictures for the book, videos kept with the book, and certainly handwritten stories for baby to enjoy as he or she gets older. Birth certificates, school certificates and other printed forms can also be kept in the book.

You can create a baby book in many different ways: buy one with preprinted pages, scrapbook album, or make your own. Books with preprinted pages for you to complete generally include pages for baby through age 5. Often people use baby books for one year then create more general scrapbooks, often including baby's information and photos with those of the rest of the family. Supplies for creating a special book are endless, stickers, papers, buttons, die-cuts, pens, pencils, markers, paint, fabrics, glitter, and more can all be used for making the baby book special. However, a very simple baby book can be just as special and often more enjoyable.

It's difficult to keep the baby book going daily, so find a single location where you put everything related to baby. Usually the easiest place to keep these things is close to where your other supplies for the book are kept. When you have time to work on the book, you will have everything you need in one place and easily accessible. This simple idea will save you tons of time when working on the book.

Creating a baby book takes time for sure, but when baby graduates from college, being able to go back and see all the smiles, tears, cuts and scrapes will be a blessing. When your precious child has children of his or her own, showing your grandchildren all the things about their parents will be a special time for all of you.

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