Strollers - Choices Abound

By Tiffany Windhurst

Babies and small children require lots of things and often go lots of places with mom, dad and grandparents. And before baby can walk, lugging baby and stuff around becomes exhausting. There's an answer of course, the stroller. By far one of the best baby accessories, and absolute must for all families, ever invented.

Strollers are not just useful for transporting baby away from home, but can also make very handy holders for baby while at home. Mom might want very young babies close by, but needs to clean the kitchen. Lying baby in the stroller allows her to do this. Older babies love to watch - people, animals, cars go by, anything. While outside at home baby can sit in the stroller and watch the world around him or her, staying safe while mom or dad works in the yard. Or, baby can watch mom vacuum but be safe and out of the way in the stroller. Not only is mom or dad happy, baby is happy to feel secure.

Strollers come in all shapes, styles, sizes, colors, and patterns; with all different kinds of accessory options. Lightweight strollers are the easiest to handle for any parent and durable if you purchase one well-made. Strollers come in the umbrella style which are compact and easy to carry around as well as in the cradle style which are less portable.

Many strollers are made to use with car seats when baby is small and for sitting when baby can sit up on his or her own. Some are convertible from cradle, to regular seat as baby grows. All strollers have wheel brakes to keep the stroller steady when stopped and especially when loading and unloading baby.

As your family grows, you can add jump seats or standing platforms to some models so two children can ride on the stroller together. Most models come with canopies for protecting children from the sun and other covers can be purchased for protection from bugs or protection from rain. Whenever you decide it's time for a stroller, or a new stroller, choices abound.

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