Is The Maclaren Volo Really The Lightweight Stroller It's Cracked Up To Be?

By Claire James

The Maclaren Volo lightweight Stroller is compact enough for life on the go and also sturdy enough to hold baby and your day's supplies, and is the perfect stroller if you are looking for that second stroller to take to the shops and for quick errands with your child.

As a parent of two children I know first hand how annoying and frustrating those big bulky prams can be. and that is why I am an advocate for the umbrella folding style. This particular model comes with some convenient additions such as a carry strap and the famous one hand folding mechanism. I don't care how wonderful your pram is, when you haveone screaming child in your arms and another running off down the road you NEED to be able to put the stroller away with one hand! Don't believe me? Just check out some of the amazing comments and customer feedback on the Maclaren Volo lightweight Strollers here

The Maclaren Volo Stroller's Features include an Ultra Lightweight frame and it is the lightest of all the Maclaren Stroller range, weighing in at a measly 8.6Lbs! That is just insanely light. That is like 4 kilograms, the same weight as a newborn baby!

All Maclaren strollers exceed international safety standards and come with a lifetime guarantee on the build quality and parts and the Volo is no exception. Your child will be completely safe at all times because of the sturdy aeronautical quality aluminum frame and foot operated parking brakes.

All these benefits are capped off by the additional features that just go on and on. Some of them include the one hand fold mechanism of course and also the carry strap making this such an easy stroller to take literally anywhere, and it fits in the smallest places too

The lightweight Volo stroller also includes a huge list of extras including a 5 point safety harness for maximum security, ergonomically optimized and foam insulated handles, a removable and washable seat, which is really handy as I am sure you can imagine, and front swivel wheels.

There is also a small mesh basket underneath and even though it is supposed to be 'small', you can fit an incredible amount of things in it. The only drawback is when the seat is fully reclined and then it is hard to access.

There is also a raincover included with your purchase which is great to just leave in the basket for that rainy day, excuse the pun. I have never used my cover because the hood is water resistant anyway.

Specifications of the Volo include One seat position, Stroller weight: 8.6 lbs (without hood, shopping basket or rain cover), Maximum weight capacity: 55 lbs. Age: 3 months and up.

I strongly recommend you check out the Volo today!

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