Child Carriers - Are They for You?

By Tiffany Windhurst

Child carriers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. From the simple sling tied over mom's shoulder to the complex backpack dad wears, these carriers can make your life easier. Slings are nothing new as moms all over the world have used them to free their hands for working. The more complex and advanced models are relatively new and continue to be improved upon.

Slings can come in many fabric types and may be just the accessory to make a tired mom get a little step back into her walk. Front carriers and backpack carriers are limited generally to just a few colors. The front carriers hold baby close to mom or dad, keeping baby close, warm and secure.

When baby gets a little older, he or she may prefer to be in the front carrier facing out so he can see the world while still being protected and secure attached to his parent. And as child grows out of the sling and front carrier he can be put in a backpack carrier and really see the world.

Carriers are easily used in many situations and at many locations that make it difficult to push a stroller. You know your baby is safe and close to you when he or she is in a carrier on you. The padded straps and weight distribution take some pressure off your back. With your hands free, you are able to do simple chores, grocery shop or watch other children participate in sports. Carriers are easily portable, and easily stored without taking up too much valuable space.

Not all children enjoy carriers like others do. If your child is miserable in a carrier, try something different for a while. If nothing changes, a stroller may be the only option. Careful shopping and research should insure that you choose the right carrier for you and the baby. You can find carriers in discount stores, department stores and online.

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