Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys

By Wilford Wilburn

There are few better presents to give a young child than one of the toys from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse range. The clubhouse range is a special range of toys, books and games that are a result of the very successful Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Show, shown all around the world on a Saturday morning. Children have loved watching Mickey Mouse for many years, and the show has been watched in many countries.

The wonderful response the show received encouraged Disney to produce a Clubhouse product line with all the characters involved. Many of these items have become very collectible and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines exchange for a good price on eBay and similar online markets.

For those of you looking to buy these wonderful toys, the internet is a great place to start shopping. The range of products will ensure you get what you want, whether it's video games puzzles, action figures, a Mickey Mouse house or party supplies, there is certainly something in the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys range.

I recently purchased a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse play set for a young niece, and she plays on it for hours every day. Both children and adults have been enthralled by the Mickey Mouse characters for the last 90 years or so.. Disney have done a great marketing job, and the popularity of the shows doesn't seem to diminish year on year. These characters have really captured the hearts of viewers.

Some stand out items you may like to consider are the Mickey Clubhouse Figurine sets, available from Amazon for around $13 for a 6 piece play set. It includes a Mickey Mouse figure, Pluto Goofy Donald Daisy and Minnie Mouse. These figures are excellent and children will absolutely love them. If you just want a few figurines, there are plenty in the clubhouse toys range for under $5.

The Clubhouse range is so vast it would take pages and pages to cover it all.

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