Is Baby Ready To Be Weaned?

By Tiffany Windhurst

When to wean baby from the bottle or breast is a question every parent encounters. Generally, babies will let you know when they are ready to be weaned. Generally, a baby should be off the bottle by one year of age. Breast feeding is different, and may depend on the country in which you live, but as a general rule, as for the main source of nourishment, a year is a good place. Many people move babies from bottle to Sippy cups even early than a year old. It will basically depend on baby and your preference.

Signs that your baby may be ready to wean include: chewing on the nipple, losing interest in the bottle, is too dependent on the bottle, or is not satisfied by a feeding. However, some babies will fight for the bottle, and not give it up easily. It's important to be consistent, patient, and calm during all interactions with baby.

Most babies have begun eating baby food around the age of 6 months old, some earlier, some later. Your baby is not read to begin eating until he or she can sit up with help and hold his or her head up without help. You should start with vegetables, the gradually add meats and fruits. Starting with fruits which are sweet may create a picky eater.

Baby may be ready for more solid foods if you notice your baby playing close attention to what you eat, is able to pick up food with fingers, has a few teeth or is showing signs of chewing, and baby can sit up without help. All babies reach these stages at different times and if you are unsure whether to start your baby on certain foods, you should seek the advice of your baby's pediatrician.

Following your baby's signs and some common sense will make transitioning from bottle to food easy on you and baby.

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