Furnishing And Decorating Your Baby's Nursery

By Tiffany Windhurst

Are you pregnant, anticipating the perfect nursery for your baby? Preparing to furnish and decorate your baby's nursery is very exciting but can also be overwhelming. There are many styles to choose from when looking at baby cribs, bedding, other furniture and accessories for your baby's nursery. Purchasing items that meet safety standards is important, but making the nursery special is fun.

Knowing your budget and preparing a priority list are an excellent way to start. Basic furniture required is: a crib, a place to keep clothes, a changing station (which could be the crib) and a rocking chair. Other basic items are: crib sheets, crib bumper pads, blankets, a place to store diapers and wipes and a mobile or other toy for the crib. More items are: crib skirts, window treatments, rugs, matching pillows for rocker and crib, extra bed for guests or parent and bedding, toys and decorative wall hangings. Obviously, it's not hard to see that the baby nursery can be as simple or elaborate as your preference and budget allow.

Before painting or wallpapering you probably want to decide on bedding and/or a theme from which you can pull colors for other things in the room. Decorations for the nursery can range from a color theme to a specific favorite character theme. Soft colors tend to work best in a nursery, but are certainly not the only option. Additionally, dots, stripes, floral patterns, and other patterns can be used in any nursery color scheme.

Themes not necessarily baby can work well in your nursery, especially if you want the room to grow with your child. Western, nautical, and feng shui themes are just a few ideas. Whatever the theme, or lack of theme, you want the room to be comfortable for both baby and parents. Not only are products for the nursery widely available at many stores, there are stores dedicated to babies and children.

In addition, you can find an abundance of choices for the nursery online, either new or used, which are shipped to your home and sometimes utilize contractors to set up the room. One final note, many times parents use the same nursery or nursery items for subsequent children, so thought and wise choices are suggested.

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