Smart Shopping For The Fisher Price Little People Sweet Sounds Home

By Irene Sterling

The Fisher Price Little People Sweet Sounds Home is ideal as a girls first doll house and is recommended for children ages 1-5. The doll house is manufactured by Fisher-Price, a company we're all familiar with and have come to trust over the years. The best deal we found listed at for this popular toy has outstanding reviews and has been one of our top rated merchants for years.

One of the unique and special features of the Little People Sweet Sounds Home doll house as described by the manufacturer is that it allows children to create their own fun imaginary environment. Kids are able to act out the scenarios of family activities and set the stage for all sorts of creative fun. The doll house is completely accessible from just about any angle and it completely opens up. The set comes equipped with a stroller, tons of pre-programmed sounds, a play center as well as table and 2 chairs.

What truly brings the Little People Sweet Sounds Home to life for children are the sounds. The set always offers up opportunity for activity based on scenarios kids are familiar with. Any imaginative child will have hours of fun exploring the modern and realistic sounds from a washing machine to a phone ringing. It just feels like a real home. The family residence consists of 3 out of 8 furnished rooms and everything fits perfectly inside the set when it's not being played with.

The large majority of the reviews for the Little People Sweet Sound home are very positive from Amazon shoppers. One woman who sings praises about the set said her daughter loved the realistic sounds of the toilets flushing and the washer starting and selected it as the winning toy in her search. Another reviewer said they got it for their daughters first birthday and that it's already proven it's value to them after only a short time. Many people love the short assembly time and the price point as well.

Some of the merchants we looked at when reviewing the Little People Sweet Sounds Home had inflated prices compared to Many offline merchants were also either out of stock for the item or simply didn't carry it at all. We've historically recommended Amazon for purchased like this because you can often save up to 60%. Amazon also always come recommended because of customer service, shopping experience and overal great reviews and again this was no exception.

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