Have Your Holiday Choices Become Predictable? Many Are Seeking Something Different

By Stuart Hale

It is probably true in the present climate of austerity and cost saving,that quite a few may not book a vacation away at all at the moment,on the premise that it is an optional thing which could be done without.

It seems to be the case however that,when that time comes to decide about a vacation (something that usually is done in cold,dull winter weather and when our personal debt is at its highest!),that desire outweighs logic in many cases.That event which you previously abandoned as an 'unaffordable luxury',suddenly is thought of as almost a 'vital need'

Yes almost every marketplace has taken a drop of some sort during the economic and banking crises but it seems to be a certain fact that most still find a way to escape at least once every year.Holiday popularity trends are ever changing and two things seem to universally true.

Firstly,people are,or have to be, generally far more price-conscious compared to a few years back and considerably more so than 10 years back.Secondly,there is strong evidence of fewer choosing the same type of holiday in the same place each year.This may in part be as a result of price comparisons but probably even more so to do with an increased desire to get more out of their precious,hard-earned vacation time and money.Perhaps the 'play-it-safe' option of booking a holiday that is familiar in both style and location,may have had its heyday for now?

Perhaps an increased willingness to make more adventurous choices either in where to take a holiday or what is done whilst there,confirms people's perceived conclusion that,in some way,they need to get the absolute maximum satisfaction out of their investment of time and cash.What is impossible to know or assess with any accuracy is whether the ones that do take a chance on change,return more or less satisfied than having opted for their familiar holiday habit.

Personally,I believe that making change makes people happy more often that not and it's refreshing news if more are deciding to become a little less predictable and mundane generally in their lives.If difficult times have revived the sense of spirit and adventure,rather than the opposite,then maybe there is something quite interesting and positive about human nature that can be taken from it?

What holiday will you be deciding on next time?

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