Safety Considerations with Christmas Lights

By Duane Ross

Christmas lights are best enjoyed during the holidays. But because there are many dangers associated with Christmas lights, each household should follow some necessary guidelines that will make them enjoy the season more while at the same time making the most out of the familys Christmas decorations.

When no one is left at home, it is best to turn your Christmas lights display off. Leaving them open is an invitation for fire because they are left open and unattended. That is why it is advisable to have a fire extinguisher at home and a smoke detector installed, and every family member should familiarize himself with the easiest routes to use in case of fire.

For the bulbs of Christmas lights that have already burnt out, change them as soon as possible. Continuous use of a dead light bulb will interfere with the correct electricity flow. Do not just remove the light bulb because children can just stick their fingers in the socket that is empty and get an electric shock. When replacing the light bulb, make sure that the new bulb is of the exact size and wattage.

The same rules also apply when decorating your outdoors with Christmas lights. The same is true when using Christmas lights on Christmas trees. Do not put electric lights on trees that are made out of metal. If you plan to put one on trees, make sure that these trees are set in water in order to keep them from drying out. This is because Christmas lights dry the trees out faster. However, when doing this, remember not to let the lights come in contact with the water to prevent an electric shock. Always anchor these trees properly and efficiently so that they will not be easily knocked down.

With regard to extension cords, the longer ones are better to use than the shorter ones. This is to avoid connecting many small cords all at the same time. In connection with this, make sure that the Christmas lights cords are kept away from moisture, metals and hot places like furnaces, fireplaces and heaters. It is also advisable that they be kept away from pathways and walkways where people pass a lot. Instead, attach them to a wall. One important thing you should remember is that you should never force a plug that has three prongs in an outlet that only has two holes.

When running Christmas lights from the indoors to the outdoors, practice some safety precautions. This is because the connection will require lots of extension cords which you are trying to prevent. This kind of connection makes the cords wear and tear easily and can cause fires especially when placed under the carpets, near furniture pieces or places where people pass by. If you want to install Christmas lights outdoors, better have an electrician provide an outlet outside.

Christmas lights should never be touched when they are lit and they should not touch dry leaves of trees either. To prevent this, turn them the other way so that they face the ground. In this manner, the bulbs do not heat any branch or leaves and moisture does not get into its sockets.

Be wary of dangers and secure your lighted displays securely. Double check everything thoroughly in order for you and your family to have a happy and fire-free Christmas.

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